Hope in Humanity


Deaths here and there. Murders roaming around looking out for someone to prey on. Animals beaten to death, killed for money and pleasure. 72 year old woman, A Nun, 3 year old girl and A  Daugther all Rape by various men. Terrorists acttacks. All those cases solved or unsolved that could fill in every brick of The Great wall of China. Is it really true? That We have loss our Humanity? Is there any chance to bring it back?

Living above the Terraceous grounds, are humans capable of almost everything. Having the wisdom, strength and free will, we are the most brilliant species. Looking past the bright side of our capabilities, we lack something. Something more important than Our skills to material things we possess. We tend to forget this , ignore it but deep inside our wounded and selfish soul, It is waiting to unravel. Humanity. A word with eight letters, has the power to change everything. A word so powerful that bears the values from love to good works. Some of us are maybe swimming in their olympic pool size of pride, that we constantly judge them living their lives without any humanity in their hearts. Yes, they maybe rich and powerful. Greedy and selfcentered. But when that little voice corrupts their unhuman minds, they get conscious of their doings. Making them realize something that they never thought of thinking. A person’s compassionate love for his fellow brothers and sisters ,blood related or  not ,or to any breathing creation is much stronger than anything else. I have heard a few news from the television

A guy rescued a baby girl trap on the roof in the middle of super typhoon Yolanda, Internationally known as” Haiyan”.


“A UK taxi driver returns huge ammount of money that was accidentally forgoten by a passenger at the backseat of the cab. ”


A cat seriously beaten and was rescued by the animal shelter”.


“A dog rescued a little girl from a reckless motor driver and took the hit causing it to lose its upper mouth/ snout”.


” A lion found half dead rescued by a lady now is fully recovered.”


The best and most touching part of this story is that when the lady visited the lion, the lion literally hug and kissed her. Animals are not an exception to this matter. If we think of it, they maybe just animals but they do know how to love. Humanity never leaves a person. It will forever stay in us waiting to unravel. Don’t make it hard for it to show. Sometimes, we don’t have to live by pride. Learn how to have that love that marked us true human beings. Either, to your fellow human companions or to the animals. Because, come to think of it, we are also Animals. So being one, Let’s be the good ones. It’s not too late to make a change. Take a step now. Little things doesn’t matter, it can still make a difference. The question is Would you risk it ?

This Perfect harmonious world we live in that later became tainted has still hope. Look around the surroundings, see the smiles and laughters of every individual? And to those who are in sorrow, does it make you sad? Thinking, Life is short, beautiful to live each day with a smile on your face? Some of us maybe lossing hope under any circumstances they are suffering, making them end the pain and just let the darkness overpower them. Can we make it our job to encourage them to offer everything to God? We are Humans. So Can we Please act like one?

Conceal Don’t Reveal


This can’t be real
The jealousy I feel
This, I must never reveal
The emptiness that is for real

But how can I conceal?
This insanity I can’t deal
Knowing only she can appeal
Those smiles I can’t even reveal


I guess we’re not infinite


Swept by the wind
I landed and fell
Into your embrace,
Enfolding me,
Whispering sugar-sweet words in my ear.

Time repeats itself
Bringing me back to when it all started,
The day you taught my heart and it mealted.

Your stare!
Oh your stare!
Looking without drooling I could’nt dare.
Your smile brought cure in my wounded world.

Your lips!
God, Your lips!
Two fleshy protrusians, I love to kiss.

All of these I truly miss..


Ugly Beautiful Scheme


a lot of misfit kids pervade the surroundings
ostractize from society,
treated as an ignominy.

He’s one of them
an innocent human being
pronounce to be condemned.

The cameras never disist
a vociferation of “cut!” has never been heard.
Forcing him to prolong his suffering
making his sob very deafining.

He ordered his tears to stop
telling them never to drop
a shed to could be the end
ruining his act of pretend.

Time for the next scene
Divulging the ugly truth of a beautiful scheme.
Keeping his thoughts to himself
is his act of trickery
in surviving this so called misery



The Light


She said She’s Alright

someone will come

holding the light

time passed,still none

She waited but deep inside she knows it’s done.

Tears drop,

But she smiled and said she’s not giving up.

Someone will come holding the light.... heartbroken getting heart this image hearts hearted girl tags heart is

Have you ever…


Have you ever felt that feeling when you see him from afar? That can’t stop staring, can’t stop wondering if he’s staring back to you too. That heart melting , wide eyes feeling? Like for a moment your heart suddenly stopped. Not that heart-stopping moment when you dropped your phone on a street canal, seeing your phone almost on the water. Im talking about that UNDESCRIBABLE feeling you get when you see him. It’s like suddenly the world stopped revolving on its stupid orbit. All you can see is him.Like fuck everything Im contented now. Or that scene in the movies where a girl gets out of the classroom but when she turns around she sees HIM. She stops for a second, turns around and walks back to her classroom. Trust me, that scene happened in real life. MY life. I thought it only happens in movies. But it did. Unfortunately, it did. Just this afternoon. After that so-called-“INCIDENT” I was like why did I fucking do that!? I shouldn’t have put my books earlier so when that happened I could have drop them like, intentionally, so he could help me pick it up. Like in romantic movies. Your hand meets his .Looking at each others eyes. But sadly I only have my bag, I thought of dropping my bag for him to help me pick it up. But that would only make me look like an idiot. I mean, droping my bag? Seriously, a dumbass way to get the attention of your crush. But that moment when I saw him, his eyes were turning left to right, or like avoiding my presence. But when he really looked at me, that was the time my heart stopped, I stopped breathing ( seriously) my eyes got wide and then I found myself walking back to our classroom. Myles shouted “WHY DID YOU DO THAT!!?” And approached me. I sat on the floor and burried my head in my cold, trembling ,sweat hands. I asked myself why I did many times. Thinking about it made me weak. Or sleepy. Not in the mood of doing any fucking thing. Honestly, I hate thinking about it but it’s like my mind was against me and always replaying the scene.

I guess that in love or puppy love or whatsoever, your heart is in charge. Even if you think of what will you do when you two meet, for sure you will forget it. You can’t make a script in advance about your conversations you’ll have with him. You will forget all of it the moment you saw him. His smile. His smrik. All. Love is a crazy thing. Love is tricky. Confusing. It can be a medicine but it can also be the reason of your pain. It can make you feel like you’re on cloud nine but also it can make you feel like you’re on the deepest part of hell. But to love you have to take a risk. To love and be loved is the greatest feeling of all the history of greatest feelings .EVER.


Delirium Chapter Six


Mama,Mama, help me get home
I’m out in the woods, I am out of my own.
I found me a warewolf, a nasty old mutt
It showed me its teeth and went straight for my gut.

Mama, Mama, help me get home
I’m out in the woods, I am of my own.
I was stopped by a vampire, a rotting old wreck
It showed me its teeth, and went straight for my neck.

Mama, Mama, put me to bed
I won’t make it home, I’m already half-dead.
I met an INVALID, and fell for his art
He showed me his smile, and went straight to my heart.

-Lauren Oliver