Conceal Don’t Reveal


This can’t be real
The jealousy I feel
This, I must never reveal
The emptiness that is for real

But how can I conceal?
This insanity I can’t deal
Knowing only she can appeal
Those smiles I can’t even reveal



Ugly Beautiful Scheme


a lot of misfit kids pervade the surroundings
ostractize from society,
treated as an ignominy.

He’s one of them
an innocent human being
pronounce to be condemned.

The cameras never disist
a vociferation of cut has never been heard.
Forcing him to prolong his suffering
making his sob very deafining.

He ordered his tears to stop
telling them never to drop
a shed could be the end
ruining his act of pretend.

Time for the next scene
Divulging the ugly truth of a beautiful scheme.
Keeping his thoughts to himself
is his act of trickery
in surviving this so called misery



The Light


She said She’s Alright

someone will come

holding the light

time passed,still none

She waited but deep inside she knows it’s done.

Tears drop,

But she smiled and said she’s not giving up.

Someone will come holding the light.... heartbroken getting heart this image hearts hearted girl tags heart is